What is importance of listening?

 What is importance of listening?

What is importance of listening? Do you like to work with people who do not listen to you? Most people don’t. People know when others are listening or not listening-1 em. Listening shows respect for others’ opinions. y consideration for their feelings. Listening helps you better understand the other person’s point of view.

Here are some ways to show others that you are listening:

  • Look at the person who is speaking. .
  • Lean toward the speaker to show your interest.
  • Nod to show that you want to hear more.
  • Do not interrupt to tell your own stories.
  • Ask questions and make comments to show that you are interested and want to hear more.

What is importance of listening
What is importance of listening? Do you like to work with people who do not listen to you? Most people don’t. People know when others are listening or not listening-1 em. Listening shows respect for others’ opinions

What do you mean by cooperating ?

To cooperate means “to collaborate.” When you collaborate (kuh LAB-uh-rayt), you work with other people toward a goal. For example, you might collaborate to complete a group science project or to plan a birthday party. Working with a group, however, takes patience and skill.

Group members often have different opinions. When the members respect each other, these ideas can help them solve problems and meet their goals. Without respect, different opinions can lead to arguments. Some people are quick to judge those who are different from them. They make oversimplified judgments based on stereotypes.

A stereotype (STAIR ee uh-typ) is the belief that everyone in a certain group has the same characteristics. For example, some people might think that everyone who lives in a big city is rude. Stereotyping can lead to prejudice (PREJ-uh-dis), or an opinion or judgment of an entire group that is not based on fact. Prejudiced people might decide that since everyone who lives in a big city is rude, they do not like anyone who lives in a big city! Stereotyping and prejudice keep people from working together.

Making a Difference in Your Community

Can people your age help others learn not to use stereotypes or be prejudiced? Can students your age help others work together with respect and consideration? The answer is yes! You can start by finding out about volunteer opportunities in your community.

You can volunteer wherever you see a need. Some students your age help organize recycling programs in their schools. Others read books to younger children or exercise dogs at animal shelters. There are many other ways young people make a difference in their communities. They haul away tons of litter to turn trash-covered lots into parks. They clean up old hiking trails and help build new ones. They help at community dinners for the elderly and listen to their stories of long ago.

Joining in on community projects can help you learn about diversity (duh-VER-suh-tee), or the ways people differ from each other. When students help in their communities, they might work with people who speak other languages, eat different foods, wear different clothes, and celebrate different holidays.

The more you find out about the differences between people, the more you will notice the likenesses! Although people differ in many ways, we all have the same needs and many of the same wants. You can make a difference by helping others meet their needs or wants. For example, you can use your skill in being a good friend and a good listener. Don’t wait until you are an adult to put your skills to work. You can make a difference now in the lives of others!

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